Supporting Women through
Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond

My passion is helping individuals during the child bearing years. This includes nurturing the mother, spouse, and support team during pregnancy and beyond.

I am honored to witness every client's experience and learn something new from everyone. I get to be present with families in the midst of monumental change and intense emotion and make a lasting difference.

I also offer massage services for non-pregnant individuals. I currently work with several triathletes, teachers, therapists, veterinarians, and even a ballerina. It's my privilege to help people pre and post surgeries, those with structural problems, such as scoliosis, and those who work 40 hour weeks at a desk.

Wherever you are on your path to wellness, consider the addition of a massage therapist.

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Tel: 678-379-9825

Stephanie Echols

Licensed Massage Therapist

GA License #MT009534

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