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COVID-19 Announcement

My office is currently open. Please be advised that due to the pandemic, not all services will be offered at this time. New policies and procedures, including booking and entry into the office (masks are required), can be found here. I encourage all of my clients to continue to make healthy decisions for yourself and your families. 

Supporting Women through
Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond

My passion is helping individuals during the child bearing years. This includes nurturing the mother, spouse, and support team during pregnancy and beyond.

I am honored to witness every client's experience and learn something new from everyone. I get to be present with families in the midst of monumental change and intense emotion and make a lasting difference.

I also offer massage services for non-pregnant individuals. I currently work with several triathletes, teachers, therapists, veterinarians, and even a ballerina. It's my privilege to help people pre and post surgeries, those with structural problems, such as scoliosis, and those who work 40 hour weeks at a desk.

Wherever you are on your path to wellness, consider the addition of a massage therapist.

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